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     Mr. Robert Kakai Simiyu
         Field Director
Adullam Foundation Africa.
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Rev. Kees Beekhuizen
International Field Director
Adullam Ministries Holland
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 2019 February  Counseling Course Sirongo Seminar in Uganda

Adullam Foundation Africa  Director and International Field Director  poss for Photo with Counseling Course Graduated Class of Bugiri Uganda April 2015.

2016 June, International Field Director posing in a Photo after  Counseling Course Seminars Bungoma Kenya

2019 February  Counseling Course Lugala Seminar and Graduation in  Busia Uganda

2019 February  Counseling Course  Seminar and Graduation in  Western Kenya


2018 December Counseling Course in Buradi Western Kenya

2017, Feb  Adullam Foundation Kenya Counseling Course Testimonies from Graduated Students

1. My Name is Pastor Joram from Sichele Funyula Western Province of Kenya. we are grateful to testify about the fruits of counseling course in our church. it is third  time since Counseling Course teachings began. in the beginning Africa Director came for first time with three days seminars with some series of teachings which changed our  spiritual life of the church and pastors. in February seminars it was blessings for Rev to come and teach Churches and Pastors. teachings like how to identify false doctrine in the Church just came on time to teach the Church to realize true biblical doctrine and stick to Gods word. we yarn to learn more teachings. Blessings!

2017  July, Adullam Foundation Kenya Counseling Course Testimonies from graduated Students/those following the Course

July  Counseling Course Seminars and graduations blessed our spiritual life. teachings offered with Africa Director and Pastor Gilbert brought the change in the Church. flyers like Leadership in the Local Church helped Pastors and the congregation how to take part in Church Leadership and they serve God in their Local Assemblies.

They requested to have regular Seminars with different series of flyer teachings to help them to understand the word of God better and apply in there daily lives. they also appreciated for the blessings of City Bibles, each Pastor the Congregation all they have bibles to follow teachings of there Pastor.

Big Differences booklet is vital for Youths in the Church and community at large, help youths to serve God and stay pure. they has been distributed in all Church's, we praise God for that Gift. now that Swahili Bibles are available, it will help the Church to understand the gospel and follow teachings in the Church. this apply to Counseling Course Students.

Since the Course was launched in Western Kenya, four graduations have been conducted more that ten Churches that followed pastoral  course which is mainly foundation of Adullam Ministry.

Church Planting teachings conducted through Flyers has helped us to gain Church Planting skills in different cultures as we preach Christ, we will follow other Courses to benefit from the gift of God supported by Adullam International Ministry Holland.

(Western Kenya, Counseling Course Testimonies)



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