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Robert Simiyu Kakai

Executive Field Director Kenya

Rev. Kees Beekhuizen Holland


  2019 June Buradi Kenya Counseling Course Graduation

2021 February Seminars in Busia

2019 June Munongo Kenya Counseling Course Graduation

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age'”  (Mt. 28:18-20).

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2019 June Munongo Kenya Counseling Course Graduation


Testimonies From  Murumba Counseling Course Centre.

" We have been serving God many years without any bible training, after following counseling course and graduated with  certificate and diploma in Pastoral Counseling. Our blessing came on time, now we have bible knowledge and we can see dramatic impact in our life and the entire churches where we are ministering the word of God. What we have learned and experienced will make us to be focused to be better ambassadors of the work of God in our community. We also received counseling flyers and books for daily spiritual nourishment.

Now we are happily following Church Planting Course.


Testimonies From  Bukhalarile Counseling Course Centre.

We  hardly thought we  needed more education, since Adullam Ministry was introduced in Kenya, counseling course has transformed our ministries and life. We were blessed with city bibles, now we can read and have our daily devotion. In April seminars, we were blessed with flyers and books.  seminar flyer (44) was taught and brought great blessings in our life. The knowledge will aid in community evangelism and discipleship outreach program where we will be advocating for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  2 Tim.2:2.

  Adullam Foundation Kenya June  2019 Counseling Course Seminars Testimonies

 Testimonies From  Buradi Counseling Course Centre.

Buradi is one of Counseling Cenre bordering Kenya and Uganda. During seminar  Pastors and Church members appreciated our visitation, the program began with the seminar the  graduation followed. Students. Majority of pastors benefited alot from the teachings, “Since we could’nt affort going to Bible School due to high cost, now Counseling has paved a way for us to serve God effectively in our ministries, we thank God. Now we are happily following Church Planting Course”.



Counseling Course 2021 Testimony

We first thank God for blessing the church through counseling Course. in February 2021. we visited one day seminar in Busia Center, it was great joy to see that pastors from surrounding churches attended bible teachings and promised to apply in there local assemblies through evangelism. City bibles, the big difference booklets and flyers were distributed the participants. we held special session for youth counseling.

due to impact of the course, on 5th,May 2021, God took us  Lokichar North West arid and semi arid region, pastors and entire churches thank God for the teachings, it was there first time to receive bible teachings and gift of City bible, now it has changed there life in Lord Christ  Jesus.

on 17th 2021, we were invited to conduct seminar and launch counseling center in West Pokot marginalized community but the church is growing, they were ready to receive teachings. pastors from different churches attended the seminar, we also mobilized youth and gave summary on the big difference booklet, 100 city bibles were distributed and counseling flyers.  

Pastors, congregants, youths are jovial, grateful, privileged to be part of Adullam foundation counseling teachings. We are again waiting, this year 2022, we will be invited in February to continue teaching enrolled  students for the preparation of graduating with certificate in pastoral counseling.

thanks goes to God and Adullam Foundation International Board for support and prayers.

Kenya Seminar in West Pokot on Oct. 17th 2021

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