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Adullam Foundation Kenya Lugulu Seminar on 5th June, 2022

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              Welcome to June  2022 Counseling  Course activities News

      On the mentioned above date, adullam Foundation team was invited by the local Pastor and the entire church to introduce and hold  counseling course seminar. it was great joy because we saw God working in the hearts of church members. We started seminar in morning session. teachings came from  Flyer 58 ( The Church  and Fellowship issues. our main focus was on early Church and its implication on the current church on how they can show love follow example of the first church Acts 2:42-46). After seminar we gave an overviews of counseling course lessons, Learning center has been established and running smoothly with help of local pastors.  Pray for Gods leading and guidance, be blessed.

Adullam Foundation Kenya Seminar 6th March 2022 at Mejimeru Center

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 Welcome in Jesus name. Adullam Foundation was held in above mentioned seminar. teachings was among Adullam online Seminars. the theme The Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with following theme;

  1. The Revelation of the Lord Jesus in the End times  Jer. 13:27, 14:11, Eze. 8:10,18
  2. Lessons to learn from Lockdown periods in the Bible and the prophetic meaning for today
  3. The spiritual struggle through the centuries 
  4. Three Hundret and Sixty five City Bibles and Flyers were distributed among four Churchs.

Adullam Foundation Kenya Seminar

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In Lokichar North Eastern part of Kenya

 Teachings Flyer 58

Churches are in arid and semi arid regions, there heart to learn from God pushed the team to  go and organize  counseling seminar, now they are following the course, soon they will be graduating to be sent out to teach the word.

Adullam Foundation Kenya Oct 17th Seminar

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Welcome to our news Letter In West Pokot Center 

Teachings: Flyer  43

 We organised youth seminar, where 50 youths attended and the Big difference between boys and girls booklets were distributed. 200 hundred flyers together with 100 city bibles were was gifted to the entire church. Now christians are able to read the bible and share with others for spiritual growth.

Adullam Foundation Kenya 24th Oct, 2021 Graduation and Seminar

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 In Nangili Center 

due to dedication and hardwork that students showed when enrolling for counseling course, they were able to graduation in with diploma and certificate in pastoral counseling, now they are true disciples of christ with full knowledge of the bible. counseling flyers and city bibles were also distributed, another new class was enrolled.

Adullam Foundation Kenya 7th February 2021 Seminar

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 In Busia Kenya

We give thanks and honor to God for his great work, the seminar was interdenomination, Pastors and youth as far as port victoria joined together to attend the teachings. main teachinga was to answer the question why do christian suffer drawing example from the bible, and how God enable them to overcome there sufferings. city bibles, flyers and the big difference books was distributed, we also organised youth seminar, thanks goes to God.


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11th to 13th: Western  Kenya

When we arrived Kenya, Pastors and churches had organized themselves to receive us.Namwejula centre on 11th was full of joy. since many pastors were not trained in biblical way, the course was the answer in there ministry after attending seminar and Part 14 was taught by Pastor Robert. During oview of  lessons in the seminar, many enroled for the course to graduate with certificate and diploma. We were invited to bring the course in Munongo centre where flyer 125 of the course was taught. We finaled seminar in Mujuru. the church followed flyer 126.  with great joy participants enrolled for the course. likely in August this year, many will be graduating to be effective in there ministry.

May the Lord bless this work.


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Welcome to our Newsletter Report.

Many pastors have been blessed with counseling course teachings. seminars in Kenya started within dates stipulated below. we visited

church members under leadership of there host pastors. Rev. Kees preached and taught series of flyers found in counseling courses.

Chaplain of Bungoma Prison Kenya invited the team to preach to inmates. the gospel was preached by Rev. Kees where many inmates were saved and gave there lives to God testifying the way counseling teachings and preachings have changed there lives.

Same preaching happened in Bugiri Prison Uganda, after visiting in the prison and preaching to inamates. hundreds of them gave there lives

to Jesus Christ. Rev Kees preached and taught below Counseling Course teaching series.  we visited other places in Kenya and Uganda to

preach the word. we give thanks to God for great blessings and using Rev. Kees to visit Africa and share the gospel that was preached on time.

KENYA: BUNGOMA AND BUSIA 17th May to 21st May 2016

1. Foundation of Christian Faith (1) + Recognizing True Leaders (72)

2. Distinguishing False Doctrine (19)

3. The Church and True Spiritual Unity (60)

4. The Church as Place of Worship (7)

5. The Church as Place of Worship (7)

Adullam Foundation Africa Board Members

    RobertSimiyu Kakai – Director – Chairman

  David Wabule Masai – Secretary

  Carolyne Miloyo Lomosi - Treasurer




ADULLAM FOUNDATION AFRICA: 12th March - 25th 2016

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Many pastors and church members were blessed by Counseling Course Seminars. different flyers were taught to transform and restore the church back to Christ. we went in villages preaching Christ. many souls were healed, now the church is growing strong. we give thanks and honor to God for doing the work. lets unite and serve God. be blessed

 20/03/2016-25/03/2016: Kenya Counseling Seminars

  1. The Church as place of Worship(7)
  2. Dealing with Confession(44)
  3. Church And Defiling Heresy (6
  4. Peacemaking and Conflict Solving (41)
  5. How to overcome Stress (25)

    Adullam Foundation Africa Board Members

     RobertSimiyu Kakai – Director – Chairman

     David Wabule Masai – Secretary

     Carolyne Miloyo Lomosi - Treasurer

Note: See Photos of this Seminars on Home Page of this Website


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Welcome dear co-workers for counseling coursenewsletter and discover the greatest work that God has done in last yearseminars and

graduations in Western Kenya.

On 15/11/2013, No sooner Rev. Kees Beekhuizen had justarrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi Kenya than we hired ataxi to

Scott University to hold a meeting with University Senate to discussabout the progress, development and issue of upgrading counseling

coursecurriculum to University level, our discussion yielded fruit where we had signed an agreement of working on the paper.

14/11/2013-20/11/2013 Western Kenya Counseling CourseSeminars report

Our first seminar begun in Khaweli church Bungoma under Bishop Eliud Juma. We were invited as African team together with International

Field Director Rev. Kees Beekhuizen. Seminar flyer 30 was shared with Pastors and the entire congregation. We were amazed to see how the

church participated inteachings through asking questions.

On the next day we were invited to Bukokholo, Mukuwato teach again a seminar on flyer 39, the place is hilly deep in remote areas.  As per

there confession, “Rev. Kees was thefirst Missionary and White Person to visit the area and introduce Christian teachings”.  Another seminar

was followedin Sibumba and Wamini where Robert gave an overview and Rev. Kees shared flyer 44to the congregation.


Be Blessed!

Robert Simiyu Kakai             -           Field Director

Carolyne Miloyo Lomosi       -          Treasurer

David Wabule Masai             -          Secretary


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