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Posted by kakairob on April 2, 2014 at 7:55 AM

Welcome our dear co-works as we thank God and celebrate together for the great ministry that God did and is doing within his church! You will learn his might power as you read our newsletter. In our website visit and see the way God has been faithful to fulfill his work, kindly join the site as a member for your comment and prayers,  Be blessed.

 By the guidance of God, I arrived in Bujumbura Burundion 5th, March, 2014. At around 5:00 pm to 7: 30 pm, we had counseling course seminar on flyer 38 (Reconciliation and Peace at Kanyosha. 50 Seminar participants comprised of counseling course alumni, new enrolled students and pastors from different churches were blessed. 

On 6/03/2014, at around 6:00 am, we started the journey to Muyinga-Kobero on the Boarder of Burundi and Tanzania by bus with Burundi counseling course co-cordinator Mathias in Eastern Burundi. It was 280 kilometers from Bujumbura. We met counseling course students and pastors from different churches who invited and welcomed us for the seminar teachings. Seminar venue was in one of the local church.

 At around12:00pm - 2:30pm we begun the first session on flyer 13 (The Church as a Conflict Manager). The session was presented by Robert Simiyu Kakai, Adullam Foundation Africa Director. 50 participants were blessed by teachings.

The second session begun at around 3:00pm – 5:00pm, it was a revival meeting of several interdenominational churches gathered together to listen the word of God. Sermon was presented by Robert Simiyu Kakai from Psa.34:19-22, Isaiah.41:14-16, 43: 2-3 with a focus on how to apply counseling course in our daily life and use its principles as an encouragement in our Christian walk. The session had 350 participants who testified about how God blessed them with the teachings.

 Very early in the morning of 07/03/2014, we drove one and a half an hour from Kobero to Ngozi Province Northern Burundi by Bus with Mathias to Msasa Refugee Camp where Elohim church had invited us for seminar.The first session began at 1:00pm – 3:00pm. The session was presented by Robert Simiyu Kakai on lesson 13and 14, book 2; “A Worldly or Natural Christian”.

 The second session began at 3:30pm – 5:00pm, it was presented by Mathias on lesson 15 about; “The attitude of unbeliever in your home”.  Both two sessions blessed the life of 105 participants.

On 08/03/2014, counseling seminars proceeded in the same camp. The first session began 9:00am – 11:30am. It was presented by Robert Simiyu Kakai on the lesson 16, “Visiting the Sick”. Participants had to learn some biblical skills and principles on how to handle a sick person when sick in home or hospital.

Second session began at 2:00pm – 4:30pm, it was the continuation of the first session with the same topic. Main teaching concept had a focus on visiting sick people with long term illness. The lesson was presented by Mathias. Two sessions had 125 participants.

We thank God for his provision, guidance, direction, care and health to accomplish his task.

Our thanks go to Adullam Foundation Holland for mutual and prayer support for success of the counseling course project in Burundi.

Adullam Foundation Africa Board Members

RobertSimiyu Kakai – Director – Chairman

David Wabule Masai – Secretary

Carolyne Miloyo Lomosi - Treasurer


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