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Posted by kakairob on April 30, 2019 at 6:55 AM

5th to 7th Soroti, Lwanjusi and Nyakalado Uganda under Bishop Opio.

As we were praying God for April seminars, on 5th God led us to Soroti where we were welcomed by the Pastors and churches together with Bishop Opio to conduct counseling course seminars. The seminar drew churches from different denomination. The “Church and Assembly Life” Flyer (12 was taught by Pastor Robert, Pastors and church members were delighted to be blessed with teachings on the Many students already graduated with Certificates and Diploma in Pastoral Counseling.Participants were 40.

Afer Soroti Seminar we drove that day back Manafwa District, in the following day on 6th, we visited Lwanjusi Counseling Centre, it was now second visitation, Bishops, Pastors and Church members were delighted to give us warm welcome, the area is greatly marginalized with poor people but churches are strong and following counseling course with dedication and love. “Church and True Gospel Preaching” Flyer (111). Students were following keenly the teachings, therefore, they were writing notes. We launched the Course; many students enrolled and are following Counseling teachings. Flyers were distributed by love to all Participants who were 25.

On 7th we were in Tororo District in Nakalado Counseling Course Centre, it was also the second time to visit the Centre; we were happily welcomed by the host Pastor together with Church members. Bishop Opio facilitated the teachings on “The Church as Gods Dwelling Place” (Flyer 129). Many Students have enrolled for the Course, after seminar we distributed Counseling Flyers to Pastors and Church Members. 35 participants received with much love because it was special spiritual gift. We give thanks to God for bringing together 100 participants in three centres’s to be blessed with counseling teachings.

8th to 10th Mayuge, Kamuli, and Buyunga Uganda under Pastor Gilbert

On 8th we drove to Mayuge District on the shoreline of Lake Victoria, Majority of Pastors hasn’t gone to Bible School, so it was great opportunity to present Christ through Counseling Course. “The Church as a House of God” Flyer (11) was taught by Pastor Robert, we distributed Counseling books with Pastor Gilbert together with Flyers for spiritual nourishment and growth to 35 Pastors and Church Members. We received many reactions to participants; it showed to us how the Course continues to change their lives. They are following Pastoral Counseling; they will graduate with Certificate in August.

Evangelism and discipleship ministry is vital to the Church, Kamuli Centre with 45 participants was full of joy when they received us, and they could use the teachings for Christian community outreach program with Counseling Course. “The Church and Salvation by Faith” (Flyer 4) was taught by Pastor Gilbert on 9th. On 10th we were in the same centre with 33 participants to introduce and launch the course. We also distributed flyers with focus on “The Church as Peacemaker” (Flyer 37). The gospel was reached to 113 participants

11th to 13th Murumba, Bukhalarile and Malanga Kenya under Robert Kakai

It was our first visit to Murumba Centre Kenya. Few Pastors had attended seminar in other centres in the past, therefore, they requested the course to be launched in their churches. Seminar drew 28 Pastors and Members from different churches, Gilbert crossed the border to come and join Kenya Seminars, and it showed love and teamwork. “The Church and Confession” (Flyer 44). The flyer was taught by Pastor Robert. Later we distributed counseling material and flyers to members.

Many churches are led by lay Pastors in villages and rural places, counseling course came on time on 12th . Pastors from Bukhalarile agreed to teach the course in their Churches. Churches are constructed by the Pastors together with members with local available materials. “The Church and Confession” (Flyer 44) was taught by Pastor Gilbert who whose attendance was 45

Participants. Finally, on 13th we held a combination seminar of 32 participant’s majority being youth from Murumba and Malanga centers. Major emphasize was to speak and advice youths on how to grow in the word of God and stay pure. Pastor Robert taught “The Church and Spiritual Power” Flyer (8.

In Kenya God brought 105 Christians who heard counseling teachings. We give glory and honor to God for bringing 318 pastors and church members both in Kenya and Uganda counseling course seminars to follow the teachings. Pray God to expand the ministry and bring right people who will be ready to serve him through counseling course.


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